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Press Mentions

Press Mentions
July 18, 2007
"Don't assume that Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and Sidestep have all the same fares. They don't. So check them all, and use multisite search engines like ... Booking Buddy."
Green Arrow Stoneham Sun
June 21, 2007
"Booking Buddy help[s] you avoid having to navigate to several sites and enter trip information on each to comparison-shop. Instead, you just provide your desired dates and destination; they then initiate searches of the booking sites."
Green Arrow PC World
June 18, 2007
" Provides a quick way to search for fares on various travel sites, including several you've probably never heard of."
Green Arrow Rocky Mountain News
April 4, 2007
"Best Site: Booking Buddy. To make comparison shopping easy, Booking Buddy lets you compare the comparers--online agencies (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity) against individual airline sites; aggregators (Hotwire, Sidestep) against each other; against Priceline. You'll also find a few sites you've probably never heard of, including Qixo, an airline site aggregator, and metasearch site Mobissimo. Booking Buddy even searches discount airlines (AirTran, JetBlue and Southwest) that aren't loaded in every electronic reservation system. "
Green Arrow Entrepreneur Magazine
April 9, 2006
"No travel Web site has a lock on low prices, so you'll find more bargains if you shop at multiple sites before you book. BookingBuddy ( can facilitate your hunt. Using your travel data, it searches dozens of sites -- including some you may not know about."
Green Arrow Deseret Morning News
April 1, 2006
"Travel Aid ... Search Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline and the airlines' own websites all from this one-stop travel center."
Green Arrow Florida Trend
March 24, 2006
" attempts to take the hassle out of searching multiple travel sites to find the best rates and deals. Simply fill out your travel details in the box marked Step 1, and then click one of the popular search sites from the Step 2 box at the right. BookingBuddy checks,,,,, as well as numerous other hotel, air, car-rental, cruise, and vacation sites."
Green Arrow PC Today
March 14, 2006
"For easier shopping, try [] to see results from multiple sites."
Green Arrow Asheville Citizen-Times
March 1, 2006
"You probably won't bust the budget if you can snare a low-priced ticket on Southwest, JetBlue, or another budget carrier. Check"
Green Arrow The Stamford Advocate
November 26, 2005
"BookingBuddy -- A convenience site, bringing together dozens of other search engines and sites. Type in your particulars once and roll from site to site."
Green Arrow Calgary Herald
October 14, 2005
"Most people know that hotel rates aren't written in stone. All sorts of discounts are available, but to get them, you have to know where to look ... [travel 'bots'] worth checking out include BookingBuddy."
Green Arrow SmartMoney
September 18, 2005
"[BookingBuddy is] easy to use and [searches] a wide variety of published airfares with a single click."
Green Arrow The Charlotte Observer
July 25, 2005
" When you really don't know what you want, but you're on the hunt for the best deal possible, throws so much information at you, you might need to duck."
Green Arrow Bella Online
June 22, 2005
"Using the BookingBuddy for flights is very simple ... The nice thing is that BookingBuddy only provides links to the sites, so you book directly through the site it refers you to. This is a great feature that they offer."
Green Arrow Travel Hunters
March 31, 2005
"BookingBuddy pulls together 29 aggregators, like Kayak, on one page. You must choose which aggregator you want to use for your travel search and then return to BookingBuddy to search another aggregator, but it's very nice to have all of 'em in one place."
Green Arrow Student Travel
August 7, 2004
"... at, you can type in your parameters and find the lowest fare from [more than] 59 booking engines ... It's far less annoying than getting e-mails from a gazillion airlines every week."
Green Arrow Self Magazine & The Early Show on CBS
June 13, 2004
"... online tools [promise] to do much of the heavy lifting for deal hounds, letting you plug in your travel parameters once and compare prices on several booking sites ... [including]"
Green Arrow USA Today
May 16, 2004
"BookingBuddy lets you search a handful of sites without having to re-enter your locations and dates each time."
Green Arrow The Kansas City Star
May 12, 2004
"Sites such as streamline the search process by accepting flight, hotel or rental car requests all at once. The buddy will search popular discount sites as well as the major carriers and companies, and give you the best price."
Green Arrow The Charlotte Observer
May 12, 2004
"On my favorites list, I probably have, I'm guessing, about 60 or 70 hotel discount outfits, from all over the world ... You can go to one of the sites like ..."
Green Arrow Newsweek
May 9, 2004
"If you get frustrated or confused checking air fares on the Web, here's something to soothe you. A new site offered by Smarter Living makes it relatively simple to look for a hotel. Check the most popular providers from one site. Access"
Green Arrow The Providence Journal
May 7, 2004
"To help you compare as you shop around, there are a few new online tools making it easier ... [allows] you to see results from multiple sites for convenient comparison shopping. [It's] free and quite successful in helping to spot the best deals."
Green Arrow
April 27, 2004
", a popular content-driven site that highlights sale fares, airline Web-only weekend specials and other travel deals, offers BookingBuddy, a travel search engine that combs fares from up to two dozen airline and agency sites."
Green Arrow USA Today
April 4, 2004
" can save online travel planners a few clicks by linking users directly to popular travel sites, including Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity, and airline sites, such as United, Delta and Southwest, without having to re-input the destination and date details. Hotel and auto-rental booking for most major cities is also available on the site."
Green Arrow The Orlando Sentinel
February 22, 2004
"BookingBuddy,, makes the search easier by allowing users to enter the travel dates once and click buttons to search for flights on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and more without re-entering the dates."
Green Arrow The Chicago Tribune & Newsday
November 21, 2003
"'s BookingBuddy makes checking multiple sources easy. It allows you to enter your itinerary and then select which of the major airline sites or travel sites you'd like to search. BookingBuddy also searches, a discount airline site that does not offer its fares through any third-party sites. BookingBuddy, like the rest of's services, is an information-only service; you book your tickets through the actual travel or airline site itself."
Green Arrow
November 6, 2003
"If you have an open mind about your destination, you can find the travel deal of a lifetime. Here's where to look ... BookingBuddy -- Search multiple websites, including Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, Priceline, and US Airways, from one webpage."
Green Arrow G4TechTV
November 3, 2003
"There are many places to buy a plane ticket on the Internet, and one of the best places News 8 found is Smarter Living. The Web site has a BookingBuddy that gives you access to [dozens of] major sites including Expedia and Priceline."
Green Arrow WGAL TV Chicago
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