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Amsterdam, Netherlands Hotel Deals

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Amsterdam, Netherlands Hotel Deals

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Amsterdam Travel Tips

Wow. Friendly people, loads of culture, canals, and clogs—not to mention a few activities that are, um, unmentionable. There's always something to do (or gape at people doing) in picturesque Amsterdam.
  • Listen, you didn't come half-way around the world to look cool. Give in to your inner tourist and cruise the canals on rented water bikes for a fish's-eye city view.
  • You can't visit Amsterdam without visiting Anne Frank's house. It will usually take 15 to 30 minutes to get inside (evening tends to be less crowded), but it's well worth the wait.
  • Insta-food is not just an American thing. Visit a FEBO "restaurant," pop in your coins, and choose a Dutch delicacy from its vending machine-like compartment behind a little glass door.
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