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$247 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Cheap Flights from Los Angeles
$79 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Frontier Airlines Fares on Sale
$49 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Frontier Airlines Fares on Sale
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Mayan Riviera Travel Tips

Home to both opulent resorts and ancient ruins, the Mayan Riviera offers visitors the appealing choice of unbeatable history and culture lessons, or blissful days on the beach.
  • Yearning for a more authentic experience than margaritas on the rocks? Visit Valladolid, a colonial town where locals still wear traditional Maya garb and sell crafts in the Plaza.
  • "Sinkhole" doesn't sound pretty. "Cenote" has more of the right flavor. Cenote Dzitnup is an enchanting cavern filled with blue water, stalagmites, and fewer tourists than you'd think.
  • The Ancient Maya calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Some people believe that this will herald the end of the world. Others figure the calendar had to stop somewhere.
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