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Paris, France Vacation Deals

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Paris, France Vacation Deals

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Paris Travel Tips

Paris is the City of Lights, of love, and of so much to see you could explore forever. Make an effort to speak the language and you'll get a warm welcome.
  • Line for the Eiffel Tower too long? Get a lovely view of Paris (again and again and again) on the Ferris Wheel at the Jardin des Tuilerie.
  • Sure, pop the question in Paris. But where exactly? The romantic Le mur des je t'aime in Montmartre is a wall covered with " Love You" in all different languages.
  • A word to the wise: In French, "avocat" means both lawyer and avocado. That's not an issue if you're ordering salad, but a huge problem if you're accused of produce theft.
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