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$167 Newark, New Jersey Cheap Flights from Dallas
$228 Newark, New Jersey United Airlines Weekend Specials for 8/28/15
$237 Newark, New Jersey Cheap Flights from Nashville
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Rome Travel Tips

If you put bustling urban life, awe-inspiring ancient history, and busloads of tourists in a blender, Rome is exactly what you'd get …and it's spectacular. Start your day with a cappuccino and enjoy.
  • Roman statues should not be trifled with. Per legend, if you tell a lie and put your hand into the Bocca della Verita (Mouth of Truth), it'll get bitten off.
  • When in Rome … do as the Egyptians did. Several rich ancient Romans admired the pyramids and built their own as final resting places. Of those, only the pyramid of Cestius remains.
  • Roman drinking fountains are sanitary, but tricky. To use, plug the stream of water with a finger and water will jet out of another hole for you to drink.
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