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San Francisco, CA Hotel Deals

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San Francisco, CA Hotel Deals

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San Francisco Travel Tips

"What should we do?" isn't a question that goes unanswered for long in San Francisco. An exuberant mix of people, places, activities, restaurants and, well, elevations keeps every day exciting.
  • This is a city that knows how to have fun. Near the intersection of Douglass St. and Seward, you'll find the looooooong and little-known concrete Seward Street Slides.
  • On the spectrum of authenticity and appropriateness for Alcatraz souvenirs, you have reproductions of actual cell house keys on one end and Alcatraz chocolate bars waaaaaay on the other.
  • Hot and tired after a long day of touring? Enjoy traditional communal bathing at the Kabuki Springs Spa. Note: Tuesdays are co-ed and bathing suits are, in fact, required.
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