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Washington, D.C. Hotel Deals

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Washington, D.C. Hotel Deals

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Washington, D.C., Travel Tips

We're a young country but we've managed to pack in a lot of history. Monuments, museums, and even strange tributes abound in fascinating Washington, D.C.
  • And you thought the USPS hated dogs. Not so! Visit the National Postal Museum to see Owney, the taxidermied mailman's best friend who traversed the country with the mail.
  • All the fossils aren't in the Senate: The Capitalsaurus is the informal name given to a genus discovered in D.C. and now serves as the district's official dinosaur.
  • Want to be a Washington insider? Touch human stomach lining and see the hairball removed from the innards of a 12-year old at the National Museum of Health and Medicine.
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